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Footballing Brains offers a range of services to specifically support football in the areas of Performance, Mental Health and combating Alzheimer's. 

For specific advice about coping with Alzheimer's please contact the Professional Football Association, Alzheimer's Society and / or Alzheimer's Research UK.

Senior players and coaches

England training

Come match day few things match the importance of getting a winning performance from the team. The preparation is complete but the culmination of the hard work is still to come.

Decision-making is crucial from every player and coach in the heat of a game and a competitive edge is all important.


Footballing Brains will improve brain health and cognitive function, supporting players and coaches to deliver more consistent performances at the top end of their ability.

The programme also builds resilience to support stronger mental health.


The course is delivered through a blend of face to face mentoring and online activity that can be conveniently included in the busy schedule of professional football. The requirement is a commitment of 20 hours over a 20 week period.

Academy players


Developing young players in preparation for a career in professional football is an extremely difficult challenge. Managing the expectations of players, parents and football clubs has never been easy when balancing the educational needs and personal development of the youngsters.

Footballing Brains, delivered face to face mentoring and online, provides a totally unique range of benefits specific to Academies:

  1. Baseline assessment of brain health and cognitive functions for future monitoring of progress and injury

  2. Building resilience and mental health

  3. Improved performance through better decision making.


Retired players

former players

There is rightly enormous concern regarding the high incidence of Alzheimer's and other dementias and professional footballers.

Concussion is being researched but there is a need to look at the wider picture and consider other factors such as lifestyle and how much stimulation the brain receives.

Dr Merzenich's next book is about Alzheimer's and he has gained significant knowledge about the rile brain training can play in combating the disease.

It is certain that keeping the brain active and challenged will be beneficial in this area and if brain health and cognitive function are being monitored on a regular basis it can play a role in the prevention and management of the condition.

Match officials

match officials

On match days nobody makes more vital decisions than the match officials - with or without the support of VAR.

The referee in particular needs to have good peripheral vision, excellent scanning and processing abilities to make the best decisions in split second scenarios.

Assistant referees, fourth officials and the officials operating VAR also need to make vital decisions in short order.

The performance benefits of Footballing Brains are ideally suited to improving the decision making capabilities of match officials.

The support the programme provides for resilience building and strengthening mental health will also be important for these vital elements of the game. Better decision making will make for better football matches.

Courses and qualifications


At Footballing Brains we are well aware that football clubs prefer to have support provision in house - rather than too many external voices being heard.

Because of this we are creating a range of courses for club coaches and match official trainers to be able to deliver the Mentored Brain Training that Footballing Brains has created.

We believe in the very near future every professional club will have in house staff to deliver mentored brain training to their clubs - in a similar way that fitness, statistics 

are nutrition etc. are currently covered.

A range of courses are to be available so that the brain health and cognitive functions of players can be assessed at baseline, improved and monitored to ensure players can perform more consistently and enjoy better health and welfare support.

Business and company teams

business training

Football and Business have much in common where high performance is concerned - and they can both learn from each other.

The approach adopted by Footballing Brains has worked well in the Education and Health

sectors and interest is now being shown by companies who wish to improve the performance of their various teams.

The companies will still cover the strategy and tactical approach they wish to implement but the physical health, mental health and performance elements will be covered by our programme.

The need to be more competitive and improve through marginal gains has never been more important than in the current difficult times.

Forward thinking business leaders realise one of their biggest assets is their staff - and the need for them to operate at their top level.

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