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The Programme 

How we create a competitive edge


Football coaches and their support teams are looking to find the marginal gains and competitive edge that will help them deliver winning performances. 

Preparing players to perform at their best has consistently been helped by scientific and technical support to improve fitness and skills.


However, the opportunity for the biggest improvement is still yet to be fully realised.

The power of the brain.


Brain health and cognitive function are key to top performance. Training the brain to perform better gives every individual the ability to make better decisions.

The Footballing Brains programme involves around 20 hours commitment over a 12-week period delivered via the online programme and fully supported by a dedicated mentor.

The Footballing Brains is founded on lessons learned from Sport, Health and Education. Our team understand that for individuals to function at the optimal level it is important for certain factors to be in place. 

For top PERFORMANCE in football four fundamentals play a vital role: 

  • Brain Health 

  • Emotional Health

  • Physical health

  • Understanding

Physical health and understand the gameplan are key parts of the modern game, but how many players, coaches or officials are investing in the benefits of brain and emotional health?


Healthy Brains make better decisions!

Better decisions, made more quickly, more often - leading to fewer mistakes and a greater level of consistency.

The online brain training element of Footballing Brains specifically focuses on improving brain health to deliver better cognitive function.


To improve:

- Peripheral vision - for seeing the bigger picture of the pitch
- Scanning - to then select the most important elements
- Processing - to more quickly focus on situations
- Decision making - more time to select the best decision

- Skills - a more relaxed execution of the technique through better balance
- Confidence - success breeds success

- Consistency of performance - fewer mistakes, better outcomes

The Footballing Brains programme presents an innovative route to significant marginal gains and a sharper competitive edge - while simultaneously supporting mental health, and adding support when dealing with concussion and combating Alzheimer's.

“If you think slow, you play slow.” - Dr. Peter Gorman, Sports Performance Director


“As a result of using BrainHQ exercises, I can see more of what’s happening, more accurately, and therefore make better decisions, faster" - Tom Brady, NFL Quarterback

"Training the brain is football's next frontier…improving decision-making will be the next frontier for the sport." - Arsene Wenger, FIFA Technical Director

"A faster and more accurate brain can make a big difference in the world of sport, where the difference between winning and losing often comes down to split seconds and inches." - Dr Michael Merzenich, Posit Science

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